Béatrice Chapuis-Westphal

Having practised music since childhood, Béatrice Chapuis-Westphal studied science from 1974 to 1979 and at the same time, after a complete musical training course, completed her studies in writing (harmony, counterpoint and fugue) at the Lyon Conservatoire, also practising piano, practical harmony and spontaneous improvisation.

In 1973 she discovered the written work of Edgar Willems and then met the international Willems and Jacques Chapuis movement in 1974. Her practice and teaching of music training and piano found a new meaning, enriched by the principles of the Willems musical initiation.

After obtaining her Pedagogical Diploma in Willems Music Education in 1978, a new stage opened up and an irreplaceable experience was achieved with her commitment to Jacques Chapuis for almost thirty years and in a growing number of sensitisation and training courses on several continents and in multiple contexts of general and musical education. She has contributed to the structuring of the training courses specific to the Willems movement as well as to the constitution of a pedagogical and musical collection made available to trainers and students. As a holder of a trainer’s diploma (Willems Professional Didactic Diploma), she is currently participating in the training courses in progress.

After having home-schooled her children, she had the opportunity to carry out an application of the Willems pedagogical progression for all children in a public school between 2001 and 2010, which she entitled
“Music at school and music school”.

Together with Jacques Chapuis, she produced a presentation of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic archetypes in nature, music and other arts, based on the work of Pythagorean researchers. Since 2012, she has been leading the Artistic and Pedagogical Committee of the International Willems Federation. Finally, she is in charge of updates, reissues and translations of E. Willems’ works at Editions Pro Musica, as well as the availability of essential teaching material.