Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the International Willems® Federation is currently chaired by Nicole Corti.

She is supported by one Vice President for each country in which the FIW is active:
Carmen Mettig Rocha – Brazil, Diana Franco Euse – Colombia, Eulàlia Casso i Samsó – Spain, Ugo Cividino – Italy, Mateja Tomac Calligaris – Slovenia, Angela Sinicco-Benda – Switzerland.

The Secretary of the association is currently Claire Demoures, and the Treasurer Christophe Lazerges.

The other board members are : Raquel Agraz Martinez and Aleix Mañosas Casso – Spain; Franca Bertoli – Italy; Alenka Podboj – Slovenia.

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Bureau of the Board of Directors

Vice-Presidents – Bord Members

Bord Members