… ® Registered trademark ?

The name “Willems” was registered as a trademark in 2009 to protect it from inappropriate use.

Its use must therefore be subject to prior authorization from the IWF Board of Directors, in particular to qualify the pedagogy put forward by an institution. The recognition of this label should then be specified by adding the ® to the name Willems.

Even if it is free, any use of the name “Willems®” without authorization may result in prosecution.

However, the purpose of this label is not to limit the dissemination of the thought of Edgar Willems, on the contrary. The IWF thus wishes to promote the educational, philosophical and artistic reflection of Edgar Willems by bringing together under a single banner the institutions which contribute to its realization and its influence.

Structures wishing to offer Willems® music education courses are therefore invited to contact the IWF, which can also support their actions by networking them with other local and international structures.