Willems® Musical Education

Willems® Pedagogical Diploma
For Musical Education
Blue Cycle

This course focuses on the pedagogical practice of the fundamentals of music education according to the humanistic principles of Edgar Willems.
The programme covers all four levels of the Willems® progression over two years, with more intensive practice of the first two.

It leads to the Willems® Pedagogical Diploma for Musical Education.

This training for the Willems® Pedagogical Diploma for Musical Education is aimed at musicians and teachers who have acquired a minimum of basic musical training, and who hold pre-professional diplomas of the CRR type (in France), such as a DEM in Music Training or an instrument.

In the absence of such a diploma, an entrance test confirms the possibility of following this training or directs candidates towards a more appropriate course.

This training takes place over 2 years, with 8 weekends per year.
These weekends are supplemented by 2 summer courses, including an international congress.

The 254 hours of courses given are divided into :

  • Year 1 / D-EM1: 109 hours / 80h of classes + 1h of individual assessment + 8h of evaluations (written & oral) + 20h of internship (national meeting)
  • Year 2 / D-EM2: 145 hours / 84h of classes + 2h of individual assessment + 12h of written exams + 12h of international final exam seminar/ oral exams + 35h of internship (international meeting)

1. For musicality :

  • Full aural development (qualities of sound, sound movement, intervals, 3 and 4 tone chords, aggregates and intratonal space)
  • Rhythmic and metric sense, polyrhythm and polymetry, body movement and rhythmic improvisation
  • Vocal culture, singing, acquisition of a repertoire of songs, melodic sense, free improvisation, modal, tonal and written melodic inventions, choral conducting
  • Harmony vocal and instrumental practice with 2, 3 or 4 voices, harmonic cadences, harmonic improvisation and written compositions – The trainee must personally have a piano or at least a digital keyboard. –
  • Solfeggio and rhythmic, melodic and harmonic dictations
  • Music listening and reading from orchestral scores

2. For pedagogy :

  • Fundamental pedagogy course, covering topics related to music, musical and instrumental education as well as the psychology of the child in musical action, based on the written work of Edgar Willems in particular
  • Observation of practical lessons (live with children or on video), pedagogical progression from musical initiation (first and second degree), pre-solfège and pre-instrumental (third degree) to living solfeggio (fourth degree) and instrumental beginnings, this progression also being tested on oneself
  • Throughout the course, the participants will work together on video clips of practical lessons which they have brought with them and which they have filmed in the course of their work with their own pupils
Récapitulatif coût global Formation au DPWEM (au 1er septembre 2021)Particulier
1ère année : Frais pédagogiques + Frais de gestion1.470 €
2ème année : Frais pédagogiques + Séminaire d’examen final + Frais de gestion2.025 €
Total Formation au DPWEM (1ère et 2ème année)3.495 €
+ Adhésion annuelle à la FIW : 20€
(15€ pour les étudiants sur présentation de justificatif)

– Tarifs hors transport, hébergement et repas

– Tarifs soumis à de possibles ajustements au cours de la formation

– Tarifs non soumis à la TVA (TVA non applicable, article 293B du code général des impôts)