Javier Fernández Ortiz

Javier Fernández Ortiz was born in Oviedo on 9 May 1971. He lives in Madrid, Spain.

He got to know the Willems® methodology through Jacques Chapuis in Madrid in 1994. After obtaining his Willems® Pedagogical Diploma in Music Education in 1998, he continued his training and collaboration with J. Chapuis, which meant the great change in his life in relation to the concept of Music Education and the Human Being in general as proposed by Mr. Willems. He was awarded the Didactic Diploma as a teacher trainer in 2006, since then he has pursued the ideal of educating globally in Music from Consciousness, Joy, Good Practice. He has participated and collaborated in several International Congresses and Willems® Training Centres in Spain and France, working as a team with Willems® Teacher Trainers.

He received Waldorf teacher training at the Escuela Libre Micael in Madrid, of which he is currently the director. Waldorf pedagogy is the educational philosophy/practice promoted by Rudolf Steiner, based on the extended phenomenology of the Human Being and known by Edgar Willems, in which he has been working since 1995 and where he has been a teacher of Music and others, and a tutor for secondary and high school since 2007 and has taught in several Waldorf Teacher Training Courses. Piano teacher 1998, Degree in Geography and History 1995, specialising in History of Art. Teacher of History, Geography, Art History, Musical Forms, Music History, Practical Harmony, Musical Language and Piano since 1995. Music teacher and piano accompanist for the Eurythmy Training Courses in Madrid. Vice-president of the Fundación Círculo de Arte Social, which puts into practice the work of Rudolf Steiner according to the work of Jaime Padró. He was Professor at the University of Castilla la Mancha 1996-2005, he was also co-founder and Director of the Band and Choir of the Teacher Training College of Toledo. Professor of the AYENSA Music Academy, Elementary Conservatory. He was for a time Pedagogical Director of Iniciativas Musicales Granada, carrying out training and coordination of teachers. Co-founder, teacher and teacher coordinator of the S.Cristóbal de Segovia Music School. He has been a teacher at the “José Saramago” University for the Elderly. He has received courses from Jacques Chapuis, Jaime Padró, Benet Casablancas, Charles Rosen, Timothy Jackson, William Kindermann, Constantin Floros, Ferenc Rados, Antoni Ros Marbá and Josep Pons.

Always a pupil, of his pupils, of his four children, of Music and of Life.