Board of Directors

IWF General Assembly

IWF General Assembly

The International Willems® Federation will hold its Ordinary General Assembly at the International Willems® Meeting in Lyon on 23 July at 5.45pm.
It will begin with an Extraordinary General Assembly to update the statutes and reorganise the training courses.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the International Willems® Federation is currently chaired by Nicole Corti.

She is supported by one Vice President for each country in which the FIW is active:
Carmen Mettig Rocha – Brazil, Diana Franco Euse – Colombia, Eulàlia Casso i Samsó – Spain, Ugo Cividino – Italy, Mateja Tomac Calligaris – Slovenia, Angela Sinicco-Benda – Switzerland.

The Secretary of the association is currently Benjamin Lunetta, and the Treasurer Claire Demoures.

The other board members are: Franca Bertoli – Italy; Dominique Daron, Philippe Fournier and Thibaut Louppe – France ; Carme Mampel – Portugal.

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Bureau of the Board of Directors

Vice-Presidents – Bord Members

Bord Members