Training, music education and the pandemic…

The health crisis that the world is going through today particularly affects music education.
The constraints of confinement and distance learning affect the essential dimension of musical art: sound vibration.

The work of auditory development is strongly hindered by the distortion of sound during videoconference transmissions, as well as the problems linked to the synchronisation between gesture and sound, which becomes a shifted image of the sound…

Does this mean that we should not continue to hold courses?
Of course not!
Because music also has social virtues that can be maintained at a distance, while waiting for face-to-face exchanges to resume.

This is why no Willems® training centre has closed its doors since January 2020.
We are adapting, as best we can, to this situation, either by giving courses exclusively by videoconference, or by mixing face-to-face and distance learning, as in Barcelona in the photo in this article.

As far as children are concerned, many music schools offer recordings, tutorials, and lessons via videoconference… And the results are often spectacular!

So, while waiting for a return to a more normal life, let’s continue to play and sing!
Christophe Lazerges – Grenoble – France.

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