Willems® Musical Initiation

Introduction to Willems® Musical Initiation
Willems® Certificate for Musical Initiation
Yellow Cycle

The Introduction to Willems® Musical Initiation and the Willems® Certificate for Musical Initiation are designed for music-loving educators and teachers who wish to supplement their teaching practices with early childhood or people with disabilities with an active component related to music, or as personal development.

This programme follows the pedagogical content of the Certificate in terms of general knowledge of the Willems® progression, with intensive practice of the first level based on singing and movement.

Following the first year of in-depth awareness, the second year involves active pedagogical practice by the participants in their usual working environment, in order to test and realise the elements presented in the first year.

It leads to the Willems® Certificate for Musical Initiation.

This programme is aimed at professionals working with young children: nursery schools, nursery nurses, nursery schools, etc.

It does not require any prior musical competence for the first year.

To continue in the second year, it is necessary to have a minimum of musical training in reading and writing, and an elementary level of instrumental practice.

The training takes place over 2 years with a total of 90 hours (group and individual) given on Saturday afternoons during the school year + an intensive summer course (20 hours) according to a schedule established in advance.

  • Year 1 / Introduction and C1: 24 hours of classes (6 x 4h) + 20 hours of training if continuing in C2 (summer training / national meeting)
  • Year 2 / C2: 40 hours of classes (8 x 5h) + 1h of individual assessment + 5h of written and oral exams

The Introduction to Willems® Music Initiation and the Willems® Certificate for Musical Initiation prepare students to practice and master the two levels of music initiation established by Edgar Willems.

Obtaining the certificate authorizes the recipient to claim mastery of the basics of the “Willems® Method” and marks his or her ability to teach 1st and 2nd degree Willems® courses.

The program includes the following chapters:

1. For musicality :

  • Complete aural development (qualities of sound, sound movement, melodic and harmonic intervals, 3-tone chords and intratonal space)
  • Rhythmic and metrical sense, basics of polyrhythm, body movement and rhythmic improvisation
  • Vocal culture, singing, acquisition of a repertoire of songs, melodic sense, free improvisation, modal or tonal
  • Introduction to harmony and vocal practice.
  • Basic music theory and simple rhythmic and melodic dictations (Certificate 2nd year)
  • Musical listening

2. For pedagogy :

  • Fundamental pedagogy course, covering topics related to music, musical education as well as the psychology of the child in musical action, based on the written work of Edgar Willems in particular
  • Observation of practical lessons (live with children or on video), pedagogical progression of musical initiation (first and second degree, this progression is also tested on oneself
  • Throughout the training, joint work on video extracts of practical lessons brought by the participants and filmed in the context of their activity (Certificate 2nd year)

 The trainers in charge of this Yellow Cycle are all holders of the Willems® Didactic Diploma.

This means that they all have long experience in the field with children and adults, and are able to introduce the essential elements of Edgar Willems’ proposal to a variety of audiences.

Trainees practising in IWF member schools as Associate Members benefit from a 10% discount on the course fees.

As an example, here are the fees for these courses in France and Spain for the years 2021 > 2023:

Summary of overall cost of Willems® Introductory Music Training(as of 1 September 2021)Private individualOPCO
Introduction IMW: Training fees + Management fees365 €490 €
IMW Certificate – 1st year: Course fee + Summer course + Management fee565 €770 €
IMW Certificate – 2nd year: Tuition + Exams + Administration fee715 €980 €
Total IMW Certificate training (1st and 2nd year)1.280 €1.750 €
+ Annual membership at the trainee’s expense: 20€ (15€ for students on presentation of proof)