Feedback from Willems® 22/23 trainings

Willems® Training 22/23

Geographical distribution and student numbers

This academic year 2022/2023, 5 training centres welcome 46 students in Europe:

  • Lyon (x13) – France and Salamanca (x4) – Spain, managed directly by the FIW,
  • Majano (x7) and Grignasco (x10) – Italy, and Ljubljana (x12) – Slovenia, managed by Delegate Members, in close collaboration with the IWF.

The programmes of these courses are common to all the centres, as well as the final examination of the Diploma, the written part of which takes place in each country, and the oral part in common with a single jury.
This year, they will take place in Italy before the Congress in Udine from 15 to 17 July, preceded by a preparatory seminar from 13 to 14 July.

These months of April and May are therefore an intense period of preparation for the candidates, and we wish them success!

Training: an opening

However, the training courses are not only preparations for the Diploma.
They are above all proposals for work and personal development, and generally contribute to ordering, clarifying and completing already rich personal career paths.

Appropriating the pedagogical principles proposed by Edgar Willems and, above all, mastering the progression between the four levels of musical education, takes time, and it is only after several years of practice that one can achieve this.

This is why “the” Willems® training is not an end in itself, but an invitation, certainly dense, intensive and demanding, to a permanent reflection on the stakes as well as on the pedagogical means to be implemented in order to contribute to a musical and artistic education based on human nature.

Advanced training courses and congresses allow the initial training to be completed and deepened.