Why and with whom a Willems® Congress in Brazil?

Why hold a Willems® Congress in Brazil?

Carmen Mettig Rocha was one of Edgar Willems’ first disciples in Brazil. She participated in his excellent courses for music educators held here in Salvador, Bahia (1963, 1971, 1972).
She adapted his methodological principles for use in her music school in Salvador, Bahia: the IEM – Instituto de Educação Musical.

She has always been a member of the Board of Directors of the International Willems® Federation and organised a Willems® Congress in Salvador Bahia in 2009, bringing together 150 musicians, students and music education teachers.
It continues to promote courses locally and throughout Brazil, generating interest in Edgar Willems’ pedagogical proposal and strengthening links with the Willems® Movement in Europe.

The NEOJIBA centre, created by pianist Ricardo Castro in Salvador Bahia, is a partner of the Congress. It will host this event in its beautiful premises in Parque do Queimado.
You will find a presentation below.

Who are the speakers at the Brazil 2022 Congress?

For the Brazil 2022 Congress, a team has been formed, including young European teachers from Willems who will be in Salvador to continue the work of Carmen Mettig.
The four speakers, Magali Perol-Dumoral, Benjamin Lunetta, Thibaut Louppe and Christophe Lazerges, accompanied by Angela Sinicco-Benda, will share their personal experiences based on humanistic and pedagogical reflection that enriches them in both the artistic and educational fields.

The work of Edgar Willems remains the basis of the activity of the members of the “Willems family”.
However, it is not a dogmatic work. This is one of its characteristics.
Thus, everyone can appropriate its principles without denying them, on the contrary! The diversity of the profiles of the speakers who will be present at the Brazil 2022 Congress is a good illustration of this.

Christophe Lazerges

Benjamin Lunetta

Magali Perol-Dumora

Thibaut Louppe

You will have a good overview of the work of Thibaut Louppe in this presentation (in French) of the Maîtrise des Petits Chanteurs de Lyon, in 2019:

Come and meet them in Salvador Bahia from 25 to 29 July 2022!

So don’t hesitate: come and meet this team of teachers and you will leave with a broader perspective and innovative ideas for your artistic and pedagogical achievement!