Lyon 2022 Summer Course

Lyon 2022 Summer Course
16th > 18th July

It will take place from 16 to 18 July in Lyon in the premises of the Choir of St-Jean Cathedral.
This workshop is aimed at people who wish to discover the Willems® pedagogy, at students in the process of training for Willems® and at people who have already obtained a Willems® diploma.
It therefore combines Introduction, Training and Refresher courses.
Spanish translation will be provided throughout the course.

The principle of these courses is to offer practical workshops in directions that are less or not very often explored, both externally and in training.

The days will start in two groups: the Introduction trainees on the one hand for a synthetic presentation of the Willems® progression, and on the other hand, the students in training or Graduates in improvement, to deepen a central chapter of musical education and training: “melodic, modal, tonal and modulating improvisation”.

The workshops

This year, we have chosen to highlight 3 themes for 3 workshops in which all trainees will participate, divided into 3 groups that will rotate each day:

  • The corporal dimension
  • Solfeggio
  • Instrumental beginnings
“From corporal perception to movement”

Juliette Beauviche, professor of contemporary dance at the CNSMD of Lyon, will lead this workshop.
Bodily movement is an essential element of Edgar Willems’ pedagogical proposal, which was inspired by his meeting with Émile Jaques-Dalcroze and his famous Rhythmic.

In order for the music education teacher to transmit the essence of movement, it is important that he or she feels the body and enjoys moving and breathing…

This is the direction in which Juliette Beauviche wants to take the students: to open doors to a greater perception of one’s own body, allowing freer and more inhabited movements.

“El solfeo Willems® en el ámbito institucional”

Lucia Perez-Pelaez, professor of musical training at the Argenteuil Conservatory, has a great deal of experience teaching in institutions to a variety of audiences: children, teenagers and adults, university students, opera students, dancers…

She will show with the trainees how thShe will show with the trainees how the Willems® pedagogy is a source of inspiration in the teaching of musical language, and can be adapted to all kinds of audiences.

“From pre-instrumental to playing an instrument”

Christophe Lazerges, music education teacher, former director of the Willems® Ryméa school, will present the main elements of the pre-instrumental of the 3rd level of Willems® music education and will detail all the chapters to be taken into account simultaneously in instrumental practice: playing by ear, playing a prima vista, playing the repertoire from memory, playing improvisation.


The days will end with a plenum:

  • The harmony that crosses musical education, from musical initiation to solfeggio and the instrument, by Christophe Voidey, pianist, great improviser, director of the music school of Irigny.
  • The Orff instrumentarium: a collective practice in preparation for the orchestra, possible without the technical constraints of orchestral instruments, allowing for rapidly gratifying achievements. Christophe Lazerges launches the challenge of producing a piece in a session of 1h30 with all the trainees!
  • The voice and songs, a central theme of musical education, presented by Nicole Corti, a great expert in the field.


Fees and inscription

For people registering for the “Introduction” and “Advanced” courses without being a member of the FIW, the cost of the course is 350€.
The annual membership fee is 20€ (15€ for students).
For Active Members of the FIW, up to date with their annual membership fee on 25 June, the cost of the course is 290€, for “Introduction” and “Advanced”.
For students in training, the cost of the course is already included in the tuition fees.

A 10% discount is given to teachers of FIW “Associate Member” schools.

For all trainees (including students) there is an additional 15€ for the use of the premises.

Employers and OPCO organisations may cover the cost of the course.
In this case, the fee is increased by 40%.

Pedagogical costs 
FIW member
(for any membership before 25 June), student, job seeker
Non FIW member350€490€
In training (FR/ESP)0€ (included in the annual registration fee)
Use of the premises15€ (fixed price for the 3 days of the course)
FIW membership – Active member20€
(15€ for students)