Evolution of IWF Training Courses

Evolution of IWF Training Courses

Following a long reflection on the organisation of the training courses proposed by the FIW for more than 40 years, the Artistic and Pedagogical Committee – CAP – of the IWF proposed to the General Assembly of July 2021 a partial revision of the proposed modules.

Preliminary observations

This reform was unanimously approved by the General Assembly.
The training courses offered by the former “Willems International Music Education Association” and then by the FIW always envisaged the possibility for a person to train in the pedagogy of music education while at the same time training himself in music. In this, they followed in the footsteps of Edgar Willems as an autodidact, and opened their doors to anyone of good will in this perspective.

However, we all too often found that people with too little musical training before starting our pedagogical courses came up against technical difficulties that were sometimes insurmountable during the courses themselves.

On the other hand, students in Willems® training with a solid musical background were too often held back in their pedagogical progress by the need to accompany others.

This resulted in many drop-outs on both sides, some discouraged by a level to be reached that was out of reach in this framework, others impatient with the repetition of elements that had long been assimilated.

Furthermore, the 3-year duration of the Willems® Pedagogical Diploma training course has often been criticised, judged by many students to be dissuasive, and disconnected from the evolution of university and music college courses which have 2-year cycles, thus following the directives of the Bologna process.

Finally, many instrument teachers, interested in Edgar Willems’ original and global approach, but not willing to give music initiation lessons to young children, did not find themselves in the training proposal oriented mainly towards music initiation for young children.

New proposals

In view of these various observations, the IWF’s active Didacticians have drawn up a new training plan.
Their proposals respond to all the above-mentioned elements, namely

  • Reactivation of a training course aimed at non-professional music lovers: the Sensibilisation approfondie, possibly followed by the Certificate.
  • Minimum musical training required for the Willems® Pedagogical Diploma.
  • Creation of a new Diploma for instrumentalists.
  • Homogenisation of all training courses over 2 years.
  • Clarification of the titles by distinguishing them with non-hierarchical colours.

By broadening its range of offerings, the International Willems Federation® is now able to respond to all pedagogical requests, from introductory courses to training the trainers of trainers!

Cycles and Modules

We are keen to distinguish between what is Diploma Training and what is Information or Non-Degree Training.

Diploma Courses are organised in Cycles.
Training courses and one-off non-degree courses are called Modules.

The details of all these Cycles and Modules are presented on the page “Training/Willems® Training” and then separately in the sub-tabs.

All courses started under the old formulas are continued without change.

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