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For this new school year, new pages and features have been created on this site:

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Looking for a Willems® graduate teacher?
Are you a Willems® graduate looking for a job?
Place an ad on this page: Classifieds.
Contact the webmaster!

Active and Supporting Member Area

Here you will find the minutes of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies as well as the invitations to the upcoming ones.
An account has been created for each Member who is up to date with his annual membership fee.
A confirmation email is sent to each registration with a login and password.

CAP space

This space is reserved for Associate Members of the IWF.
Who are the Associate Members?
These are the structures that put forward a Willemsian pedagogical project.
As soon as an association or public school indicates that it practices the Willems® pedagogy, it must be an Associate Member of the IWF and pay the corresponding annual fee.
As a reminder, the name Willems® is the property of the IWF. See the page: Willems®… Registred trademark ?

Willems® Student Training Area

Here, students in training can share their work videos and trainers can make available additional documents for consultation and possible download.

Willems® Graduates’ Area

For graduates who have paid their annual fees, we are building up a library of original harmonisations of songs presented during the oral examinations of the Diploma, with the agreement of their authors. According to this agreement, they will be downloadable or only available online.
Original compositions can also be presented here: songs, musical tales, instrumental adaptations…