Music, the IWF and Neuroscience

Music, the IFW and Neuroscience

For some years now, the International Willems Federation® has been taking a close interest in the contribution of neuroscience to the field of music, shedding scientific light on the intuitions of many pedagogues and opening up the field to new practices and places of musical intervention.

In this way, it extends the work of Edgar Willems who, throughout his life, kept abreast of the research and discoveries of his time, abundantly cited in his works on music and musical education.

After having invited Pierre Lemarquis and Michel Habib, neurologists, to the 37th International Willems® Congress in Lyon (France) in 2018, after having relayed the work of the doctoral thesis of Cecilia Martin, musician-director of the “En Clave de Si” music school in Madrid, during the international course in Montserrat (Spain) in 2019, and after having received Professor Jean-Marie Exbrayat in 2020, we are pleased to invite Dr. Gérard Mick, neurologist and professor of music at the University of Paris. We are pleased to invite Dr. Gérard Mick, neurologist and neurobiologist, to our 2021 Willems® International Meeting in Lyon, for two conferences.

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