From the Pandemic to Webinars

This planetary health crisis has imposed on us new modes of communication to maintain family, professional and associative links at all costs: Video-Conferences.

Far from replacing physical contact with our loved ones, our students, and despite the intrinsic antagonism between the multi-sensory perception of music in person, and the distortion, desynchronisation, and interruptions of remote courses, these Video-Conferences have made it possible to maintain a precious link between those who could connect.

At a time when travel is still uncertain, the IFW Board of Directors has nevertheless chosen to organise a face-to-face Willems® International Meeting in Lyon. Because we are convinced that we must continue to initiate meetings, projects and stimulate our vital momentum.

The FIW is an international movement, and its members live very different realities depending on their country or region of origin. We must therefore be realistic and propose, when possible, to involve our members and anyone interested in the pedagogical approach of Edgar Willems, to join us, share and exchange.

The WEBINAR makes it possible to associate a considerable number of participants with videoconferences.
This is why we are taking the step of integrating this new type of communication with our traditional proposals.

During this Willems® International Meeting in July 2021, we will make 5 webinars available live online via ZOOM.

The interest of the webinars for the listeners is to follow the conferences and debates live and to be able to intervene by asking questions or posting comments.
There are few constraints: having opened a free ZOOM account and a PayPal account (for the conferences with paid admission only). It is better to anticipate these formalities, as well as the registration to each webinar, now, by clicking on the corresponding links.

We look forward to seeing you in Lyon and on the Web!

Christophe Lazerges,
Webmaster of the FIW.

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