Welcome to the Newsletter of the new IWF website

Welcome to the Newsletter of the new IWF website

Thank you for agreeing to receive this first Newsletter to which we have subscribed free of charge for your information. In the confirmation email of your subscription you have received a link “Change your profile” which allows you to change the language of reception (French / English / Spanish) and to cancel this subscription if you do not wish to receive the following ones.

Presentation of the website

This first newsletter is an invitation to visit the new IWF website:

It is published in three languages: French / English / Spanish.
You can change the language of the whole site in the menu at the top, and change the language of the current page in the flag at the bottom.
To publish articles or comments in this Tribune, you must first register by filling in the short form by clicking here.
You can then send your texts which will be translated and published in the three languages of the website.
The initial writing is mainly in French, the official language of the IWF.
The texts translated with the application DeepL are being proofread by translators.
It is possible that some words or phrases are inappropriate.
Please let us know by writing to webmaster@fi-willems.org.

The goals of this website are multiple:

  • to present the main lines of Edgar Willems’ updated pedagogical proposal,
  • to inform about regional or international meetings organised by the IWF,
  • relay the activities of the Associate Members and Delegates,
  • share the experiences and reflections of the Artistic and Pedagogical Committee – APC,
  • to provide a Forum for exchange on music education for a wide audience,
  • to join online.

All this to promote the dissemination not of a method and its banner but the search for the best means to promote the development of the human being, starting with children, thanks to a musical education nourished by artistic practice and constantly questioned by the evolution of the world and the discoveries of neuroscience.

Creation of a Tribune

This is why we would like this website and this Newsletter to be a place for exchanging thoughts and research concerning music education.
To contribute and write articles or comment on them, simply register here or on the site in the “Tribune” menu.
The articles in this Tribune are not of the same nature as the more circumstantial and ephemeral publications on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, …) which already exist in large numbers.
Their purpose is not to be polemical either, but will not exclude contradiction and comments!

To inaugurate this Tribune and to give you the desire to contribute as a writer or commentator, we propose two articles, subject to extensions, responses and comments: “Joy” and “The Song”.
Your articles will of course be translated and published in the next Newsletter and in the Tribune page of the site.

The Newsletter is published every two months, i.e. 6 times a year.
If you no longer wish to receive it, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link “Change your profile” sent in the confirmation of your subscription.
For any question, please mail to webmaster@fi-willems.org.
Thank you for reading and enjoy your visit!

Christophe Lazerges – Grenoble – France
Webmaster and head of the IWF APC.

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