Tribune : Singing in question

A new impetus to sing?
What is it? How to sing? Where? Why?

At a time when official French authorities are advocating choral practice in all primary schools, and when many television programmes around the world feature children singing (often very well!), a few questions seem to me to need to be asked again: why sing, what repertoire, in what setting, what place is given to vocal technique?

I certainly do not claim to answer these questions.
I find it interesting to share, within the framework of the reflections of this site dedicated to music education, our points of view and to exchange on the positive experiences that we have been able to achieve.

I look forward to reading and relaying future articles or comments from our readers on this subject, which is so central to music education and has so many and varied social repercussions.

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See you soon…
Christophe Lazerges,
Webmaster of the IWF.

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