The Professional Teacher Education Diploma

Concerning the Pedagogical Diploma in Willems Music Education: admission requirements and openings

In view of the variety of social contexts within which musical and instrumental education take place these days access to the course is open and therefore without entrance examination. There one will find participants—whether teachers, therapists, students of music or musicology, psychomotor specialists, or musicianship and instrument teachers from music schools or conservatories— who love music and who wish to educate, improve and devote themselves full- or parttime to the imparting of living musical education to children (from the youngest ages and up), adolescents, and adults.

From the beginning, their motivation and their ideal take priority over their technical qualifications. By the end of the introductory stage, participants are in a position to decide whether the following three-year course is the best route for them to take. The musical and pedagogical requirements increase in the course comprising about 350 hours.

This is punctuated by two tests at the end of the first and second years and by final examinations. Each school year includes seven intensive weekend courses plus internships or Willems international congresses.

Specific progressive homework is assigned to cause participants to improve vocally, rhythmically, melodically, harmonically, and pedagogically.

In case a candidate does not achieve the necessary level for fulfilling the requirements of the Willems diploma because of its technical requirements, he-she will be advised to take the Willems® Introductory Certificate tests, for which the oral and written musicality curriculum is more accessible (as far as the hearing, musical dictation and written and practical harmony tests are concerned). Therefore this Certificate represents a preparatory stage before mastery of the Professional Diploma.

The “Pedagogical Diploma in Willems® Music Education” offers numerous prospects according to individual capacities and tastes in all aspects of musical activities and for all age groups, from the cradle, to nursery school, to elementary school, to various settings, to cultural centers, and to public and private music schools. For conservatories, the “Willems Diploma” —which is often much valued and required by administrators—is usually a complementary element to other certificates or other qualifications.