Training modules: 6 proposals

The IWF organises various training modules for the many different situations in which the Willems® Pedagogy is used:

Awareness raising

Comprehensive introduction to Edgar Willems’ proposal, either through lectures, full or half days, or 3-day courses. Open to the general public.

Willems® Certificate in Music Education

Pedagogical training for people who wish to add a musical, artistic and human dimension to their professional experience – Nursery nurses, school teachers, youth workers, nursing home workers, nurses, prison visitors, … This training takes place over 2 years at 7 WE/year and 2 summer courses, and ends with the Certificate exams (optional).
Open to non-professional music lovers.

Willems® Pedagogical Diploma in Music Education

In-depth pedagogical training allowing to know and master little by little the whole subject, from musical initiation to advanced and professional solfège. It is aimed at music teachers with a degree or undergoing training, working in conservatories and music schools, whether municipal or associative. This training takes place over 3 years, 8 to 9 WE/year and 3 summer courses, and concludes with the Diploma exams (optional).

Training for Professional Musical Artists

This training course is aimed at professional musicians who are also teachers and who wish to learn in depth and in practice about the original contribution of Edgar Willems in relation to their art. This training course takes place over 2 years, with 2 courses of 5 days each per year, and concludes with the Diploma exams (optional).
Selected applications are based on a dossier.


Willems® Graduates are regularly offered sessions to deepen or revisit topics that meet the demand.
Topics regularly covered: improvisation, choral conducting, solfeggio, instrumental practice, etc.

Professional Diplôme in Willems® Didactic

This course is aimed at qualified teachers who have been working for some time and who wish to share their teaching experience by committing themselves to Willems® training at all the levels described above. This training course takes place over 2 years, coupled with the other courses, plus 2 annual training courses.
Applications selected on the basis of a dossier.