Willems® Pedagogy – Supervised Practice

Willems® Pedagogy – Supervised Practice
Red Module

The “Supervised Practical Pedagogy” training module is aimed at anyone who wishes to improve their practice in the field of Willems® 4-level music education, whether they are in the process of training or in the process of further training.

It can also be an opportunity for the trainee to be placed in a professional situation for the first time, thus being supported in view of his or her future missions in music education.

The Willems® pedagogy requires very specific know-how in its practical implementation. Those interested in teaching music education according to these principles often find it difficult to move from theory to practice because of the lack of close and long-term support.

Experience has shown that individualised support with practical classes is an extremely useful, if not indispensable, complement to effective professional practice for pupils and fulfilling practice for teachers.

This training can be provided in FIW Associate Member schools where a teacher trainer regularly works with pupils in music education.

The total time is 98 hours over the school year, 3.5 hours per week over 28 weeks.

All training hours take place in the presence of the tutor, including progressive independent practice

The trainee is placed under the responsibility of a tutor who holds the Willems® Professional Didactic Diploma.
The tutor provides the weekly lessons in the presence of the trainee and gradually assigns chapters of the course to him/her.
All sessions are followed by a time of debriefing and preparation for the following sessions.

  • OBSERVATION: To teach trainees to observe groups of pupils aged between 3 and 10 years in real work situations in music education.
  • DEVELOPING IMPLEMENTATIONS: Putting parts of lessons into practice, with the trainee leading specific sequences chosen and prepared in advance with the course leader.
  • TOWARDS COMPLETENESS: Carrying out the whole lesson by linking the various chapters it must contain, according to defined lesson plans, in the presence of the course leader.
  • RETURN ON EXPERIENCE: Each half-day of the course will include time for exchanges between the trainee and the course leader; formatting of the notes taken during the observation time and the content of the exchanges in order to move from practice to conceptualisation.

The trainers in charge of this Red Module all hold the Willems® Didactic Diploma.

This means that they all have a long experience in the field with children and adults within a Willems structure.

They are able to guide the trainees as closely as possible to their practice and their needs by alternating between the examples given and their application.

Récapitulatif coût global Formation – Module PPEParticulierOPCO
Frais pédagogiques4.410€5.733€
Frais de gestion50€50€
Cotisation –Adhésion FIW20€20€
Total Formation –Module PPE4.480€5.803€