Willems® Musical and Instrumental Training

Willems® Pedagogical Diploma for
for Music Education and Instrumental Training
Green Cycle

This new course offers an original and new approach aimed at instrumentalists and teachers wishing to deepen their pedagogical practice by taking into account all the elements of musical training required to form complete musicians: performers, improvisers, … artists!

Open to holders of :

  • Holder of the “Willems® Pedagogical Diploma in Music Education” (former 3-year course)
  • Holder of the “Willems® Pedagogical Diploma in Music Education (new 2-year course)
  • Holder of a diploma from a French Conservatoire Supérieur, or European equivalent

Programming in progress.
Training planned over 2 years.

This programme is a new type of programme.

It completes the Blue Cycle for holders of the Willems® Pedagogical Diploma for Music Education (old and new formula).
This programme includes the themes frequently addressed during the advanced training courses. It focuses on:
– the practice of the 3rd and 4th degrees of Willems® music education
– instrumental pedagogy in the broadest sense

It will require the intervention of specialists outside the Willems didactic sphere.

This programme, which is light on personal musicality, taking into account the musical training of the students, should allow for a deepening of pedagogy, starting more from the instrumental experience and drawing on the necessary preparation.
It aims at mastering the 4 degrees of the Willems® music education progression.

Programming in progress.