Constitution, aims, members, by-laws, internal regulations

The Association was founded by the pianist Jacques Chapuis in 1968 at the Music School and Conservatory of the Juras at Delémont, Switzerland, as necessitated by the growing number of interested persons living in several countries.

In effect, its purpose is to bring together persons (music professors, teachers, specialists) of all nationalities and regardless of age, who are (or who wish to become) practitioners inspired by the the ideal, the principles, the pedagogical work, and the methodology of Professor Edgar Willems, in order to allow them to perfect themselves, engage in practical exchanges, learn about new pedagogical and didactic practices, to meet together and to cultivate collegial relationships.

The Association refrains from all political and religious activity.

Its members can be found in some thirty countries.


The “Fédération Internationale Willems®”is an association in conformity with the French governmental decree of April 12, 1939, thereafter known to associations as “Law 1901.”

It is registered with the Rhône District (France) as an educational society under identification number 82 69 01 099 69.

Internal regulations