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This site presents the activity of the International Willems® Movement, of which the IWF encourages and coordinates four main lines of action:

  • Information on Willems® pedagogy for musical and instrumental education,
  • the training of teachers to implement it,
  • the organization of choral singing workshops bringing together young people from willemsian schools in Europe,
  • and the reflection and updating of Edgar Willems’ proposal.

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  • A connection between music, education and the human being
  • Educational and artistic exchanges with the highest levels of specialized institutions worldwide
  • A pedagogy that addresses different student profiles, all backgrounds and cultures
  • A professional diploma delivered by the IWF very much appreciated by the structures of specialized education
  • Courses available in several countries
  • Qualified and experienced teachers


The International Willems® Federation offers three training courses, depending on your situation and your experience :

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