Registration 39th Willems® Congress Instructions for use

How to register for the 39th Willems® Congress?

All you have to do is fill in the registration form which you can download here!
Easy to say… But to do so, you need to take some time.
You can always ask us for more information by email, but before that, please read the following explanations.

The choice of workshops

First of all, read the proposed programme and the details of the workshops.
For you must choose at least 3 of the 7 themes presented, the 4t18h workshop being preferably the Singing and Choir Direction workshop.
Each workshop must be followed during the 5 days of the Congress, to take advantage of the progression envisaged by the speakers.

Each topic will be covered twice a day by each speaker to allow for a linguistic distribution and reduce translation time.
Please refer to the language indications:
ES for Spanish, FR for French, IT for Italian and SI for Slovenian.
If there is no translation in your language, English will be the intermediary.

In order to cross the views and share experienced practices, each theme will also be presented by two different speakers, except for instrumental beginnings (by Franca Bertoli-Cividino) and improvisation (by Christophe Lazerges).

Thus, if you are particularly interested in Body Movement, you can follow the work proposed by Béatrice Chapuis-Westphal in the morning (A1) and María-Ángeles Pérez-Lancho in the afternoon (D1).

Choral singing has always been a highlight of our Plenum Congresses.
This year, Nicole Corti has chosen to experiment with a more focused formula by combining singing and choral conducting, in 2 levels, each in 2 language groups.
We recommend that you include one of these workshops in your choices.

Some workshops require a limited number of participants to be of benefit to all.
Therefore, we ask you to consider an alternative to your first choice if the workshop is full, as registrations are recorded on a first come, first served basis.

The “Organ Masterclass” workshop is thus limited to 6 “active” performers per level (beginner or advanced), but is widely open to listeners.

The tariffs

The Congress budget is based on self-financing, reducing costs to a minimum. This allows us to propose a participation price of 620€ = T3 rate, for more than 40 hours of courses, workshops and concerts.

Promotional rate

If you are not a member of FIW, or if your membership has not been updated before 15 April 2023, you can benefit from a promotional rate compared to the full rate if you register now:

  • – 40€ for a registration before May 31st, that is 580€ = T1 rate
  • – 20€ for a registration between the 1st and the 15th of June, i.e. 600€ = T2 rate
Reduced rate : FIW member – Student – Jobseeker

If you are up to date with your annual 2023 FIW membership fee (before 15 April), or if you are a student or a job seeker (proof required), you benefit from a preferential rate:

  • 540€ = T4 rate
Special rates: one day or one workshop over 5 days

If you are unable to attend the Congress but wish to attend a full day, you can register on the day of your choice by filling in the registration form.
The price of the day is 120€ = T6.

If you do not wish to attend the whole Congress, but are interested in a particular workshop, you can register for a single workshop for the 5 consecutive days for 120€ = T7 rate

Organ masterclass

If you wish to attend only the 5 classes of the Organ Masterclass with Thibaut Louppe, without participating in the rest of the Congress, the fee depends on your involvement:

  • Interpreter presenting a programme (maximum 6 people per level): 120€ = T8 rate
  • Free listener: 60€ = T9 rate


Modes of payment

We offer 4 methods of payment:

  • By bank transfer: the safest and simplest solution for FIW
  • By transfer via Paypal: accessible by credit card, but involving costs for FIW
  • By bank cheque (only for France)
  • In cash
Payment dates – Schedule

With the registration form (or at the same time), a deposit of 150€ must be paid.
The balance can be paid in one instalment at registration or by 15 July at the latest, or in two instalments, on 30 June and 15 July.