Presentation of the 39th International Willems® Congress

From 17 to 22 July 2023, in the heart of the city of Udine, capital of Friuli, this 39th International Willems® Congress will bring together artists who love to teach and invite reflection on the challenges of musical education today.

Focusing on specifically Willemsian material, it is an opportunity for participants to discover, deepen or update their pedagogical and artistic practice.

The plenums

A Willems® Congress is a time for meeting and exchange.
Gathered in the early morning for the public lessons and in the evening for the concerts and the General Assembly of the FIW, the congress participants will also have many opportunities to share in the workshops, the breaks and the meals taken together near the Conservatory.

  • 8:30. A moment of active musical listening will be offered, as an invitation, to open the day with music.
  • 9:00. A lesson will be presented with students, following the progression of the 4 degrees of Willems® music education.

Traditionally at Willems® Congresses, a time devoted to choral singing has brought together the congress participants in the middle or at the end of the day. This year, Nicole Corti proposes a formula integrated with the workshops.
The Choral Singing and Choral Conducting workshops combine the discovery of the repertoire with the knowledge of the fundamental elements required to conduct a choir. The participants will alternately play the roles of conductor and singer.
The number of workshops devoted to choral singing will allow each participant to include at least one in his or her daily workshop choices.

The workshops

Then the day will continue with 4 workshops of 1h15 each: at 11:00 and from 14:00 to 18:15.
4 time slots allowing participants to choose from 8 different and complementary themes, led by experienced teachers from France, Spain, Slovenia, and of course Italy.

  • Body Movement in Music Education / A1-B1-C1-D1
  • Practical pedagogy: the transition from 1st to 2nd level / A2-B2-C2-D2
  • Introduction to reading and writing: characteristic of the 3rd level and the beginning of solfeggio / A3-B3-C3-D3
  • Music Education: Solfeggio, the 4th level of Willems® music education / A4-B4-C4-D4
  • Beginnings on the instrument: general principles and applications to various instruments / A5-C5
  • Improvisation in all its forms through the 4 Willems® degrees / B5-D5
  • Practical keyboard harmony / A6-C6
  • Choral singing and choral conducting / A7-B7-C7-D7
  • An organ masterclass on the French music repertoire / B6-D6

The concerts

Every evening, with the exception of Friday, which is devoted to the FIW General Assembly, a concert will bring the day to a close with a variety of programmes.

  • Monday 17 – Opening concert: Wind ensemble of the Conservatory of Udine, host of the Congress.
  • Tuesday 18 – Concert “Annelies” based on the “Diary of Anne Franck” – Anna Molaro, Conductor.
  • Wednesday 19 – Organ recital by Thibaut Louppe, Chapel Master of the St-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral in Lyon / France.
  • Thursday 20 – Chamber music concert by Laura Cividino, violin and Franca Bertoli-Cividino, piano.
  • Friday 21 – General Assembly of the International Willems® Federation.
  • Saturday 22 – Closing concert by the young people of the Willems® International Choir – WIC, who will complete their week of work alongside the Congress.

So, just like Edgar Willems’ educational proposal, music will be present throughout each day!

The planning

The fees

The fees indicated are only for the participation in the Congress, excluding accommodation and catering.

  • For IWF Members who are up to date with their membership fees 2023 as of April 15th: 540€.
  • For non-members of the IWF as of April 16th 2023: 620€.