Why join the FIW?

Why join the FIW and renew your membership in 2023?

Your pedagogical, musical and artistic activity has crossed the path of the Willems® Movement and we hope that this experience has enriched you, and perhaps even contributed to the development of your activity.

To enable the FIW to pursue its goal of disseminating Edgar Willems’ pedagogical proposal, which is still relevant today, your support is essential, both through your annual membership and through your participation in our courses and congresses, for which membership allows preferential rates, and in particular in our 39th Congress, which will be held from 17 to 22 July 2023 in Udine – Italy.

This musical education movement also aims to bring together those involved in the Willems® pedagogy. By participating in international courses and congresses, of course, and also by proposing testimonies of activities, by sharing experiences and questions.
This is possible through articles in the Tribune: https://fi-willems.org/tribune-en/
or posts on the Forum of the site: https://fi-willems.org/forum-registration-en/

If you are an FIW graduate, the annual update of your membership fee gives you access to a dedicated page with many videos and course materials:

You see that everything is done in this site to allow you to enrich it with your participation!

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Looking forward to hearing from you, we wish you much joy and success in your activity.

Christophe Lazerges,
Treasurer and Webmaster of the FIW.