A website for Willems® Graduates

Information available to all

This website is naturally open to all visitors who wish to learn about the foundations of Edgar Willems’ pedagogical approach. The pages of the Federation menu present in sub-menus the pedagogical foundations, the history, and the structure of the FIW (organisation, statutes, internal regulations).

This information also allows people who have attended our courses or training sessions to use a common presentation of the entire international Willems® Movement, either for themselves or for their meetings.

A website for Willems® Graduates

The site also contains a page dedicated specifically to students in training and Willems® graduates. It contains numerous video recordings of training courses, lessons with children, as well as many recordings of songs (with scores) and works from the great symphonic repertoire used in the courses (introductory, solfège and training).

You will also find recordings of workshops from the 38th Willems® Congress in Brazil, in French.

To access this page, all you have to do is enter a personal identifier and a password, sent on request to the webmaster.
The only condition is that you must be a student in training or a Willems® graduate, up to date with your annual membership fee.

At the bottom of the home page of the site, click on “login” and enter your login and password. You will then be able to navigate freely in the “Students & Graduates Area”.

Your suggestions and proposals for works, repertoire, recordings, etc… will be welcome to enrich this video library!