Call for membership fees 2022 for Active and Supporting Members

Call for membership fees 2022 for Active and Supporting Members

January is the month of the “the kings’ cake” of course…
It is also the month of your annual membership fee to the IWF!

To join the IWF is to support its action.

  • Financially, of course, because up to now this association has not received any aid: neither subsidies nor patronage. All its activities are self-financed.
  • Morally above all, because the members are so many disseminators and relays of the reflection on musical education which can bring so much to today’s children.

What is the meaning of this membership today?

According to its statutes, which were revised last July, the International Willems® Federation’s vocation is to “contribute to the promotion of an ‘informed’ musical pedagogy in the service of human development”.

  • By “informed” we mean that the IWF broadens its field of reflection according to recent research in the fields of education, music and health, among others.

Every Active and Supporting Member contributes to the FIW.
By joining or renewing your membership, you can also act within the IWF by
by contributing to the pedagogical reflection, through the Tribune of its website, and by sharing with the other Members your achievements and your questions.
So don’t wait any longer: fill in the membership form below and make the corresponding bank transfer!

Membership fee:

  • 20€ for Active Members (15€ for students).
  • from 50€ for Supporting Members.

You can also make a donation entitling you to a tax rebate of 66% of the amount of the donation. For example: 100€ of donation will cost you only 33€!

Thank you for your participation and your trust!