Willems® International Meeting Lyon July 2021

Willems® International Meeting in Lyon from 20 to 25 July 2021

The Willems® International Meeting happened on Lyon from 20 to 25 July 2021, in the premises of the Maîtrise de la Cathédrale St-Jean (7 Place St-Irénée) and in the St-Irénée des Chartreux boarding school (10 Avenue Debrousse) in Lyon 5°.
You can read this week’s presentation below…

This meeting combines sessions of lesson presentations with children (live or recent videos) followed by practical experimentation with the trainees, and workshops for personal improvement in various fields (see list below).

The days are interspersed with musical moments and are rounded off by three lectures, the IWF General Assembly, and a concert.
A round table discussion on the themes discussed during the week will close the meeting.

Thus, this International Meeting is aimed at people wishing to discover the pedagogical progression of Edgar Willems, as well as at students in the process of training for the Willems® Diploma and at people who have already obtained the Diploma, for their further development.

List of workshops divided into two series of four simultaneous groups of 75′:
Series A:

  • Rhythm: body & instrumental percussion, by Julien Pellegrini
  • Choral conducting, by Nicole Corti and Thibaut Louppe
  • From pre-instrumental to early piano, by Christophe Lazerges
  • Adult Vocal Technique, by Magali Perol-Dumora and Benjamin Lunetta

Series B :

  • Body Movement, by Eulàlia Casso i Samsó, María-Ángeles Pérez-Lancho, Lucia Perez-Lemartret et Javier Fernández Ortiz
  • The world of the baroque through singing and informed accompaniment in music education, by Anne-Catherine Vinay
  • The beginning of strings, by Véronique Bouilloux
  • Children’s Vocality, by Magali Perol-Dumora and Benjamin Lunetta

The themes of the conferences will deal with the contribution of neuroscience to the reflection and practice of music education, by Nicole Corti and Gérard Mick.

The musical moments and concerts will be given by the professional musical artists involved in the Willems® training who will also conduct workshops.

Spanish and English translations will be provided as required.

All precautions have been taken to ensure that the health conditions associated with Covid-19 are respected.

Registration is open at the IWF secretariat: secretariat@fi-willems.org.
The complete registration file, soon to be available on line on the Courses page of the website, will be sent to you on request.