Sensibilisation Day in Ávila / Spain 13 November 2021

Sensibilisation day in Ávila / Spain
13 November 2021

The music school “Musicamos” in Ávila, Spain, has asked the IWF to organise an Sensibilisation Day on the Willems® Pedagogy in its premises, aimed primarily at its own teachers, and open to anyone interested outside “Musicamos”.

Speaker – Addressees

Conducted by María-Ángeles Pérez-Lancho, IWF didactician, this workshop is aimed at music teachers in general, instrumentalists, students of music pedagogy, music graduates of higher, intermediate or elementary level, music therapy specialists, as well as anyone interested in musical culture and personal development through the practice of live music.


To get to know the characteristics of Edgar Willems’ music education and its contextualisation, through the use of didactic resources. The students of this course will be able to learn how to make the process of musical education more dynamic.


  • An approach to Willems’ pedagogy, deepening his psycho-pedagogical bases and his methodological proposals.
  • A journey from initiation to the acquisition of musical culture in which we will talk about the importance of working on musicality before the instrumental work itself.
  • Sensoriality, the importance of listening, the connection with the voice, the rhythmic instinct, the melody as an emotional centre and the natural movement of the body.
  • The logic that music experienced through the active participation of the students will be a source of joy and beauty and of deep personal development.
  • Presentation of a live lesson with 5-6 year olds.

Information and Registration

Contact the Musicamos school in Ávila:
+34 616 75 01 99
Address : Avda. Derechos Humanos, 82 (ÁVILA)