Echoes of the MPA course #3 – Lyon July 2021

Echoes of the MPA course #3 – Lyon July 2021

This 3rd intensive Willems® training seminar for artists who have already collaborated at the Congresses took place in Lyon from 26 to 30 July 2021.
Led by Béatrice Chapuis-Westphal, Nicole Corti and Christophe Lazerges, it was followed assiduously by the 7 Professional Musician Artists (PMAs!): 6 on site, the 7th by Visio from Bolivia (from 3am!).

5 days mainly devoted to the deepening of the transversal aspect of the progression through the 4 degrees of Edgar Willems’ proposal.

We also discussed questions related to writing, the way to treat this subject in general in the formations, the relationship to inner hearing and composition, the harmonization of scales, melodies, songs…

Finally, we presented the major themes of fundamental pedagogy, such as “The psychological bases of musical education”, or “Beginnings on the instrument”.

Below you will find a short slide show presenting the participants of this intensive week.
These photos were taken by Maryline Fourré during a joyful sensory experimentation session with Julien Pellegrini’s sound material and electro-acoustic installation.
Mariana Delgadillo is not on the pictures, but her ears were there, live from La Paz!