Seminar 28 > 31 August 2021 in Majano UD

Italian Willems® National Seminar 28 > 31 August 2021 in Majano UD

The Italian Willems® National Seminar will be held from 28 to 31 August 2021 at the Auditorium of Majano (UD).

This session of presentation and deepening of the methodology of musical education of Prof. Edgar Willems, is dedicated to musicians, teachers, students, sympathizers, parents and all those who wish to have a direct, important and detailed contact with this didactic itinerary that mainly follows the spontaneous learning of the mother tongue, but above all wants to be the antechamber of the formative itinerary for the obtaining of the Pedagogical Diploma of Willems® Musical Education, a title recognized by the Ministry as a refresher course for the teachers of compulsory school.

Four days of intense theoretical and practical pedagogical activity with Franca Bertoli and Ugo Cividino, vice-president of the International Federation of Willems® Music Education. There will be space for specific interventions by other illustrious collaborators.

During the seminar it will be possible to purchase the entire Willems bibliography translated into Italian and the attractive teaching materials (edition – audio & video – instruments – scores) at advantageous prices.

Some contents

Presentation and in-depth study of the pedagogical itinerary of music education according to the thinking of Edgar Willems in its various aspects closely linked to the stages of the child’s development.

During the four days of the seminar there will be practical lessons with groups of students from different educational backgrounds who will comment on the different moments of the “Willemsian lesson”, deepening the practical pedagogical approach used, always aiming to highlight the quality of the educational message enriched with a strong motivational impact.

A special section will be devoted to the relationship between the nursery school and the musical education of the youngest children; from the very youngest children in the primary school, to the instrumental approach and its pedagogical problems.

In order to highlight, moreover, how Edgar Willems conceived his own educational methodology far beyond the fascinating precocity of the initiation to the musical language in early childhood, the most important stages of general instrumental propaedeutics (instrumental initiation) will be highlighted in support of the complex educational itinerary that must necessarily accompany and guide the progressive growth of the future professional musician and instrumentalist.

Information and registration

For information and registration, please contact the CRDM:

The participation fee for Willems® teachers who are up to date with their annual membership of the CRDM and the International Willems® Federation is 70 €.

For all other participants, the fee will be 100 € (including the CRDM membership fee of 30 € for the current year).

Follow the seminar in streaming

For this edition, there will be an online streaming connection that will only allow you to follow the work of the national seminar without direct intervention for a fixed fee of 40 €.