Presentation of the IWM 2021 – International Willems® Meeting


The International Willems® Federation is organising a course on the pedagogical principles of Edgar Willems from 20 to 25 July 2021 in Lyon:

For the INITIATION / to musicians, students, teachers, educators, professionals of the early childhood, musical speakers in various contexts – school, hospital, prison… – as well as to simple music lovers.

This course will provide tools for expansion in musical practice as well as in professional activity on a physical, affective and cognitive level.
The Willems® approach is based on the psychological relationships between music, the human being and the surrounding world, and proposes a progression that is directly inspired by and respects them.
It is an active musical education that calls upon receptivity, impregnation, reproduction, but also upon the expression of the being and its inventiveness. 

For TRAINING / participants following the Willems® Pedagogical Diploma in Music Education training course.

For ADVANCED TRAINING / for people who have already completed a Willems® Diploma course and wish to continue their training and update their knowledge. 



The Willems® pedagogy covers a very broad spectrum of musical education, from early childhood to musical training (solfege), vocal and instrumental. During these lessons, the aim will be to go through the main lines of the Willems® progression, to describe its characteristics and to explore the creative nuances of concrete achievements: observation, debate, pedagogical practice.

– Please note! The number of trainees will be limited to the capacity of the two rooms (Institution des Chartreux and Maison St Irénée). Registrations will be made according to the remaining places and the date of registration. If the chosen ″Practical Lessons″group is already full, it will be automatically redirected to the other group.

– The practical lessons at the Institution des Chartreux are recommended for Initiation trainees and the practical lessons at the Maison St Irénée are recommended for Training and Advanced trainees.


These aim to illustrate the links between the active and receptive aspects of transmission, also making room for improvisation, variation and exploration of languages

  • Musical moment n°1: Percussion and Improvisation / julien Pellegrini
  • Musical moment n°2: JS Bach – Goldberg Variations.1 / Anne-Catherine Vinay
  • Musical moment n°3: JS Bach – Goldberg Variations.2 / Anne-Catherine Vinay
  • Musical Moment n°4: Chamber music, voice and harpsichord / Benjamin Lunetta, Magali Perol-Dumora and Anne-Catherine Vinay
  • Organ concert, evolution of polyphony from cantus firmus to choral, with audience participation… / Thibaut Louppe


  • Conference n°1: The human, artistic and social missions of music education, beyond methodologies: an echo to the Declaration of Cultural Rights / Nicole Corti
  • Conference n°2: Musical practice, a high level sport: demonstration! / Gérard Mick
  • Conference n°3: The effects of music on health: what are they? / Gérard Mick


  • Workshop A1 / Rhythm: body and instrumental percussion
    Instructor : Julien Pellegrini
  • Workshop A2 / Choral Conducting 
    The trainees alternate as singers and conductors.
    Instructors: Nicole Corti & Thibaut Louppe
  • Workshop A3 / From pre-instrumental to early piano
    Instructor: Christophe Lazerges
  • Workshop A4 / Adult vocal technique
    Intructors: Benjamin Lunetta & Magali Perol-Dumora
  • Workshop B1 / Body movement 
    Instructors: Eulàlia Casso i Samsó, Javier Fernández-Ortiz, María-Ángeles Pérez-Lancho, Lucia Perez-Lemartret
  • Workshop B2 / The world of the baroque through singing and informed accompaniment in music education
    Instructor: Anne-Catherine Vinay
  • Workshop B3 / Early string instruments 
    Instructor: Véronique Bouilloux
  • Workshop B4 / Children’s Vocality
    Instructors: Benjamin Lunetta & Magali Perol-Dumora


This course will be supervised by trainers specialised in their field of musical intervention as professional musicians, teachers of Music Schools, Conservatories and Universities… integrating or using in their artistic and pedagogical practice the Willemsian principles or being inspired by them.

Véronique Bouilloux (violin/alto FR) / Eulàlia Casso i Samsó (music education-ESP) / Béatrice Chapuis-Westphal (music education-FR) / Nicole Corti (choral conducting-FR) / Javier Fernández-Ortiz (music education-ESP) / Christophe Lazerges (music education and piano-FR) / Thibaut Louppe (choral conducting/organ-FR) / Benjamin Lunetta (voice-FR) / Gérard Mick (researcher and neurologist-FR) / Julien Pellegrini (percussion-FR) / María-Ángeles Pérez-Lancho (music education-ESP) / Lucia Perez-Lemartret (music education-FR) / Magali Perol-Dumora (voice-FR) / Anne-Catherine Vinay (harpsichord-FR)