Willems® International Choir

Created in 2013 after a first meeting around Bach’s St-Matthew Passion at the 2012 Lausanne Congress, the WIC is made up of young people aged 10 to 20 from Willems® schools in Europe. It meets once a year in one of the countries of origin of young people: France, Spain, Italy and Slovenia.

Directed by young professional choir directors from the highest schools in Europe, it enables these young musicians-singers to carry out musical and artistic programs on a scale that is difficult to access the schools that train them on a daily basis.

This WIC also aims to provide young people with experience in vocal technique and stage practice by high-level professionals.

The specific and recognized quality of concerts is largely due to the work of education and musical training Willems® that these young people have been following in their respective schools for at least 2 years.