Christophe VOIDEY

Christophe VOIDEY – Pianist

Christophe VOIDEY studied music in his native town at the Besançon Conservatory in piano, chamber music, musical training, harmony and counterpoint.

As soon as he finished his general studies, he became interested in pedagogy and improved his musical training with Michelle-Odile Gillot and Aline Holstein.

His piano teacher Lucette Touzet introduced him to the Willems® movement during summer courses in Lyon. The Willems® Congress in Antwerp in 1984 was a revelation for him; he discovered teaching very young children, music therapy and instrumental teaching. He was especially marked by the artistic personality of Jacques Chapuis and his influence. Improvisation and practical harmony then represented a new source of enrichment and personal development.

He attended the Willens® Pedagogical Diploma in Paris and Lyon, and regularly attends EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) conferences and courses.

Since 1990, he has been involved in the Willems® Training Courses in Irigny, Saint Genis les Ollières, Dommartin, Paris, Namur, Barcelona, Madrid…

Professor at the Willems® Ryméa School of Music in Lyon between 1990 and 1996, he became director of the Irigny School of Music in 1995. He divides his teaching activity into musical initiation, musical training, piano, choirs, instrumental ensembles and school settings, considering the transmission of music very globally.