International Regulation

I. WIF structure

  1. Definition and role: see Statutes, Chapter II, para. 4
    In order to guarantee maximum attendance of members, the AGM will be held
    preferably during summer courses or during a Congress.
  2. Board of Administration: see Chapter II of the Statutes. para. 5.1
  3. Artistic and Teaching methods Committee: see Chapter II of the Statutes, para. 5.2

The Delegate will convene meetings several times a year, including one
necessarily during the summer course. The Delegate will coordinate the organization of logistic and teaching methods.

He will report any comments to the Board , which will then decide on the appropriate action to be taken.

The reports of the Artistic and Teaching Methods Committee will be published at International Congresses and on the internet site of the Willems® International Federation.

The first ATMC delegate shall be nominated by the AGM, and shall be responsible for setting up the Committee and organizing the first election of a Delegate by members of the ATMC within two years. The position is unpaid.

II. “Willems®

The name “Willems®” is the legal property of WIF and was registered in France and abroad with INPI by Messrs Germain and Maureau, Lyons, on 23 January 2009 under number 0936245666 for classes 09, 15, 16, 41.

The title “Willems®” is therefore the property of the Willems® Federation, and the Board may accept or refuse the use of this name in accordance with the principles of Edgar Willems, and if necessary take legal action in case of abuse.

The use of the “®” registered trademark symbol is mandatory when employing the term Willems®.

III. Relations between the WIF and its members

  1. Definition of the various types of Member: see Statutes, Chapter II, clause 3 a-b-c-d-e
  2. Subscriptions
    The annual subscriptions for the different types of membership are decided by the Board. For the year 2020, these are:
    a) Active member: 20 euros (15 euros for students on presentation of proof of identity).
    b) Supporting member: 50 euros
    c) Associate member: 50 euros per organization plus 1 euro per student
    d) Delegate member: 50 euros per organization plus 10 percent of the annual fee payable by each trainee.

    Active and supporting members pay a subscription for the calendar year.
    Subscriptions must be received before 15 March of the current year. After that date, an active member can no longer enjoy the preferential fees charged by the WIF for meetings, seminars, Congresses etc.

    Associate and delegate members’ fees are payable for the academic year.
    Payment must be made before 30 November of the current academic year.
    After that date, associate and delegate members, together with their members and students, no longer benefit from the special fees offered by WIF for its activities (theoretical and practical courses, Congresses, etc.).

    a) Associate members: associations whose teaching foundation is based on the Willems® method are strongly encouraged to join WIF as associate members.
    Such association is testified by a convention, in which the statutes, teaching plan and type of courses are specified. Along with the annual subscription, each body must supply WIF with updated descriptions of the courses which are available, list of students’ names, and the names and addresses of their qualified Willems®-trained teachers and of any who are still in training.
    Once this convention has been signed and the annual subscription paid,

Associate members are officially identified and identifiable by the WIF logo stating “Associate member – 20../20.. “
A computer image of the logo shall be provided by WIF for the duration of membership.
Their students will then have access to Willems® International Choir (WIC) sessions and those of the future Willems® International Orchestra (WIO).
They may also be invited to take part in public instruction during seminars, training courses or congresses. Association members automatically become members of the Artistic and Teaching Methods Committee for which they must elect a representative.
b) Delegate Members: those structures possessing the logistic and teaching capacity for training teachers (premises, teaching material, piano etc.) may apply to the WIF Board in order to become privileged partners.
It is then incumbent upon them to organise their teaching plan in cooperation with the person in charge of teaching: duration and frequency of lessons, calendar etc., and to advertise them by means of posters, mailing, publicity etc., and subsequently to receive and record subscriptions.

They must remit the annual subscription to the WIF, together with a list stating the names and details of students registered.
WIF appoints the teaching staff, who will be paid by the Delegate Member structure on the basis of the minimum hourly rate paid by WIF, i.e. 25 euros net in 2013.
Certificates and Diplomas will be delivered exclusively by WIF which annually organises centralized examination sessions. The exam boards are chaired by the President of WIF.
Under no circumstances may these diplomas be delivered by the Member Delegates themselves.
These engagements are attested by the specific Convention for three academic years.
Once this convention has been signed and the annual subscription paid up, Delegate members are officially identified and identifiable by the WIF logo stating “Delegate member – 20../20.. “
A computer image of the logo shall be provided by WIF for the duration of membership.

This convention may be renewed on decision of the Board.

IV. Organization of teaching

1) Diploma-rewarded training.
There are three distinct categories of diploma:
Willems® Certificate of Musical Education: for non-musicians who wish
to integrate the principles of Edgar Willems musical education in their
professional practice: nurseries, infant and primary schools, hospitals, prisons, psychological therapy and re-education centres, etc.
Willems® Teaching Diploma of Musical Education: for professional
musicians who wish to use the Willems® method in professional or private use.
Willems® Professional Teaching Diploma: for teachers already in
possession of the Teaching Diploma of musical education with about ten years’ teaching experience who wish to train future teachers.
WIF will ensure that these three categories of training take place, as far as
possible, in training centres which are organized by WIF or delegate members.
2) External advisors
The Associate members may call on WIF staff for advice or to establish
occasional evaluations associated with Willems® teaching practice.
Travelling costs and fees incurred by external advisors will be covered by the host unit itself on the basis of the minimum hourly rate charged by WIF, i.e. 25 euros net in 2013.
Delegate members organize training for teaching the Willems® method in cooperation with the person in charge of training at WIF who will validate the contents together with the nomination of regular advisors (who must possess the Willems® Professional Teaching Diploma).

3) Head of Training
In order to guarantee uniform training in organisations that have the Willems® label, the person in charge of training will coordinate the national and international organisation of courses and examinations.
The Head of training will also propose teaching programmes together with the Head of the Artistic and Teaching Methods Committee.
If necessary, he will represent the President of WIF on the exam board.
He/she can act as teacher on courses organized by WIF or at the request of
Delegate members who cover his/her costs on the basis of the minimum rate applied by WIF.
The position of Head of Training is unpaid.
4) Organisation of examinations
Examinations for the Willems® Certificate of Musical Education will be held at the school where the course is followed.
Examinations for the Willems® Professional Teaching Diploma will be organized 12 months in advance. They will be centralised with only one exam board, preferably at the end of the summer course, also centralized. Dates and venue will be given to candidates at the time of registration during their last year of training.

Approved by the Board of Administration: Lyon, 25 May 2013.

Attachments: “model Conventions” and “Contents of tests and final exams.