Willems® Didactics

Willems® Professional Didactic Diploma
Purple Cycle

One of the main goals of the International Willems Federation® is to train teachers who master the practice of music education according to the pedagogical proposal of Edgar Willems, in order to offer the greatest number of people the possibility of personal and social development through music.

The training of these teachers is a major challenge for the continuity of this international movement and requires the full attention of the IWF.

The “Willems® Didacticians” are responsible for this transmission. They work closely together to coordinate programmes and updates as society and research evolve.

The Willems® Professional Didactic Diploma entitles the candidate to train music education teachers according to the pedagogical proposals of Edgar Willems, preparing them for the Willems® Diplomas and Certificate in Music Education, awarded exclusively by a jury authorised by the International Willems® Federation.

Their scope of intervention is always defined by the IWF: either to intervene in the courses that it organises or that it delegates to its Delegate Members, or to intervene on an ad hoc basis and respond to external invitations.

This course is intended for holders of the Willems® Pedagogical Diploma in Music Education who, after several years of practice and experience of the entire Willems® progression, are interested in transmitting this pedagogy and are concerned about the sustainability of its dissemination.

It leads students to take a step back from their own practice in order to be able to train autonomous and creative teachers, while respecting Edgar Willems’ proposal and contributing to its updating and adaptation to the current world.

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The training lasts 2 years.