Delegate Members

The Delegate Members are the legal entities recognised by the Board of Directors, after studying their application file, to be in logistical and pedagogical capacity to take on the training of teachers and who accept the terms of the specific agreement.

The statutes and internal regulations of the Delegate Members must be in harmony with the statutes of the IWF, whose prescriptions they will take into account.

The delegate members are represented by a member of the association concerned mandated for this purpose. They pay an annual subscription in proportion to their number of students.

The IWF has thus established a fruitful partnership with 2 associations.
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The Slovensko društvo za glasbeno pedagogiko Willems® in Ljubljana – Slovenia

The Slovensko društvo za glasbeno pedagogiko Willems® organises training courses in Ljubljana.
The trainers are Mateja Tomac Calligaris, holder of the Didactic Diploma, assisted by Ivana Dizdarević.