For any payment to the IWF, annual membership fee, registration for courses or training, you have 4 possibilities:

  • In cash at the secretariat or at the place of the courses and training courses (free of charge)
  • By French bank cheque payable to “Fédération Internationale Willems” (free of charge)
  • By SEPA transfer to IWF’s account at the Banque Postale: RIB sent on request. (free of charge for the IWF, free of charge for the sender in France – to be checked depending on the bank, possible charges for some banks outside France – consult them)
  • By PayPal transfer (from 3% to 5% of the amount in fees for the FIW)
    Click on the link below which opens a page in French.
    At the bottom of this page, click on ” send ” which opens a page for accessing PayPal accounts or creating an account.
    At the bottom of this new page, next to the flag, click on the ‘v’ arrow to change language and access the PayPal site in your language to continue entering the payment.

Thank you for favouring the formulas free of charge for the IWF.