Ljubljana – Opening of the “Yellow Cycle”

Willems® Certificate of Musical Initiation / New formula
New course in Ljubljana – November 2021

The International Willems® Federation is pleased to announce the opening of a new “Yellow Cycle” course in Ljubljana – Slovenia (see details on the dedicated page on the website).

The Introduction to Willems® Music Initiation and the Willems® Music Initiation Certificate Training are aimed at music-loving educators and teachers who wish to complement their teaching practices with early childhood or people with disabilities with an active component related to music, or as personal development.

Registration is open for the first year, without obligation for the second year.
There are still places available!

A group of 8 people will start on 6 November 2021 for a first contact.
The maximum number of participants is 15 for this class. So there are still places available!

Hurry up and tell your friends, colleagues and acquaintances so that they don’t miss the first weekend…

The training takes place over 2 years with a total of 90 hours (collective and individual) at a rate of 6 Saturdays of 6 hours per year + an intensive summer course (20 hours) according to a planning established in advance.

Session 1 6 November 2021 
Session 2 8 January 2022
Session 35 February 2022
Session 4 5 March 2022
Session 52 April 2022
Session 67 May 2022
Summer course Summer 2022 (details by the end of 2021)

Prices for 2021/2022

Price for 6 Saturdays: 540,00 EUR (Payment possible in 4 times).

Information and registration

Slovenian Society of Willems® Music Pedagogy

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