How to connect to the IWF website?

How to connect to the IWF website?

To access the new pages of this site, you need to register

Free registration

To register, please fill in the form below:

    Enter your full name

    Enter a valid email

    Enter your country and your city

    Enter a brief message

    No MemberEx MemberActive MemberWillems StudentWillems GraduateAssociate Member

    Check the boxes corresponding to your profile

    Connection to the site

    On receipt of the registration form, a confirmation email will be sent to you containing your login and inviting you to personalise your password.

    Then go to the bottom of the page, click on “Connection”, then fill in the fields with your login and password. You are then connected and have access to the dedicated areas according to your profile: non-member visitor, Active or Supporting Member, Associate Member, Student or Graduate Member.

    “Test” connection

    To allow our readers to test the functioning of these new services, a login and a password have been created for a period of one month:
    Username: test
    Password: test
    To connect, click on “Connection” in the footer and fill in the fields.

    Enjoy your visit!

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