Registration fees for the IWM – International Willems® Meeting.

The course includes 27 hours of training spread over 6 days.

The registration fees are always calculated as low as possible within the limits of the self-financing of the activities of the FIW, which does not benefit from any subsidy at this time.

(excluding transport, accommodation and meals)

Educational costs
° FIW member, student, job seeker (1) (2)365€475€
° Non FIW Member435€565€
° In training (SLO/IT)300€
° In training (FR/ESP)0€ (included in the annual registration fee)
Rights to use the premises25€ (fixed price for the 6 days of the course)
FIW Membership – Active Member20€
15€ for students (2)
(1) Rate applicable for any membership before 20 June.
(2) Upon presentation of proof at the time of registration.

– For employer/OPCO (Uniformation, Opcalia, Afdas, etc.) funding, contact the secretariat to prepare the application.

– Trainees practising in FIW member schools as associate members benefit from a 10% discount on teaching fees.


– A deposit of 100€ is required at the time of registration.

– The balance will be paid on arrival on Tuesday 20.07.

– Possibility of paying the balance in 3 instalments without charge (20.07 / 20.08 / 20.09). In the event of non-compliance with this commitment, FIW reserves the right to demand payment of the balance without delay. 


Whenever possible, we ask you to pay by cheque or bank transfer, which is free of charge for FIW and easy to trace in the accounting system.

1. In cash
2. By bank cheque FR (payable to Willems International Federation)
3. By bank transfer Banque Postale :IBAN: FR65 2004 1010 0715 9448 4H03 810 / BIC: PSSTFRPPLYO
4. By PayPal bank transfer (if bank transfer Banque Postale impossible) :