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    The Fédération Internationale Willems® will be organising, in Llíria-València, between the 21st and the 24th July 2016, an introductory and advanced training course covering the teaching methods developed by Edgar Willems. The course is aimed at :

    1. Musicians, students, teachers, educators, professionals dealing with young children and those involved in music in various contexts (schools, hospitals, institutions) ... as well as for simple music lovers.

    The course will help provide tools to help expand the teaching of music, touching upon physical, cognitive and emotional aspects of the professional field.

    The Willems approach is based upon the psychological relationships between music, the human being and the world around us - using a methodology inspired directly by, and respectful of, these relationships.

    It is an active musical education system, calling upon openness, impregnation, reproduction, in addition to self-expression and inventiveness. 

    2. Those persons who have already received a Willems® Diploma, wanting to further their training and improve their understanding. 

    The courses will be led by instructors who are specialists in their particular field of musical intervention, professors of music from schools, universities and conservatories :

    Franca Bertoli-Cividino (IT) / Eulàlia Casso i Samsó (ESP) / Béatrice Chapuis-Westphal (FR) / Nicole Corti (FR) / Christophe Lazerges (FR) / María Ángeles Pérez Lancho (ESP) / Magali Perol-Dumora (FR) / Christophe Voidey (FR)


    General assembly meetings :

    > Warm-ups - physical and vocal

    > Lessons involving children from the UTEM Music School in Alboraia-València, and presentations of the 3 degrees of initiation to the Willems® musical teaching method

    > Choral singing

    > Dedicated lessons during the morning : practical teaching for the introductory class / voice training and choral direction for the advanced class (M. Perol-Dumora & N. Corti)

    Workshops - 22 & 23 July : 2 workshops - from the selection proposed below : 1st workshop, from 15:00 to 16:15 / 2nd workshop, from 16:30 to 17:45. The choice of the two workshops must be the same for both days (swaps are not possible). 

    Introduction :

    > A1 : Auditive development as part of the Willems teaching method / E. Casso i Samso

    > A2 : Physical movement as progress in the Willems method / M. A. Pérez Lancho.

    > A4 : Physical movement and vocal gestures - Improvisation (from 15:00 to 16:15 only) / B. Chapuis-Westphal 


    > A1 : Auditive development as part of the Willems teaching method / E. Casso i Samso

    > A2 : Physical movement as progress in the Willems method / M. A. Pérez Lancho.

    > A3 : The advantages of instrumental harmony and polyphony for beginners / C. Lazerges 

    > A6 : Using the ear - improvised, unplanned harmonies to accompany melodies / C. Voidey 

    > A7 : Progression in Solfeggio / F. Bertoli Cividino 

    Concerts : you will be given the opportunity to attend 3 concerts by the Willems® International Choir, presenting the work undertaken during their summer training sessions - taking place between the 16th and the 24th July 2016. Details of times and places will be provided at a later date. Dates: 21-23-24 July 2016



    The course includes some 20 hours of lessons, over a four-day period :

    > Thursday 21.07 / 15:00-19.00 (3.5 hr)

    > Friday 22.07 / 09:00-19.00 (7.25 hr)

    > Saturday 23.07 / 09:00-19:00 (7.25 hr)

    > Sunday 24.07 / 09:00-12:00 (2 hr)



    Centre La Salle

    CV-35, Km. 30 / 46160 Llíria – València (España)

    Website : http://lliria.lasalle.es/



    Course fees :

    > Member of the FIW : 220€

    > non-Member of the FIW : 320€

    A daily tax of 5€ must be added to these course fees - for the use of the premises - (20€ for the 4 days of the course)

    A deposit of 50€ must be paid at the time of registration, either by bank transfer to La Banque Postale or by PayPal.

    The balance must be paid on Thursday 21 July.

    Meals and accommodation :

    > Accommodation in rooms for two or three people in the Centre La Salle-Llíria (limited number of rooms available).

    > Rooms for two available in the Hotel Puerta de la Serranía-Llíria (limited number of rooms available).

    > Meals are available on a full-board, half-board or meal-only basis from the Centre La Salle-Llíria.

    > Pricing to consult on the detail page : FR/ESP/CAT/ENG



    Secretariat / French : +33 (0)4 72 62 87 38 / Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays : 09:15 - 16:45

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    Secretariat / Spanish

    +34 933 40 40 65 / Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays : 09:30 to 13:30

    +34 618 06 83 17 / Monday to Friday : 10:00-13:00 & 16:00-19:00

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    To register, thank you return the completed registration form before Friday 1st July 2016 to this email address: Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser.

    Documents to download :

    > Registration Form FR/ESP/CAT/ENG

    > Course presentation sheet (programme, timetable, fees, practical information ...) FR/ESP/CAT/ENG


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  • Willems® International Choir - Choirs for children

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    The 4th Willems® International Choir event will bring together 90 young musicians aged between 9 and 22, all with a common grounding in music based on the Willems® teaching approach.

    This young singers from Spain, France, Italy and Slovenia will meet up in Liría (Valencia-Spain) from 16 to 24 July 2016 to share their experiences, gain knowledge of foreign languages, sing as a choir and perform both in concerts.

    This project will forge bonds between, on the one hand, young singers and, on the other, their respective teachers and combines artistic, cultural and civic dimensions :
    - It advocates an "active" and "participative" approach to teaching which supports individual progress as a means to improving group performance.
    - Artistic teaching support is provided by first-rate professional musicians.
    - Cultural activities will be organised.

    The aim of this event is to build on and strengthen work carried out over the last three years. Over 90 young people have already had the opportunity to appreciate the universal value of music as a language. This understanding is a source of motivation, encouraging our young students to broaden their knowledge and experience as a singer and choir member and to adopt a higher standard, which they can continue to develop in their regular practice on their return.

    The Willems® International Choir is divided into four groups:
    > the WIC2 for youth 9 to 12 years / mixed choir
    > the WIC1 for youth 13 to 16 years / mixed choir
    > the Chamber Choir for youth 17 years and above / women choir
    > the Men Choir for youth 14 years and above / men choir

    New in 2016 ! Creation of the WIC Men Choir, consisting of about fifteen young singers, youth 14 years old and more. The musical program will be based on the number of registrations and the distribution between the tenors and basses voices.


    MUSICAL PROGRAM 2016 : THE NATURE - Man's illustration of and musical homage to nature through legends, rites, celebrations and traditions -

    WIC 2 / choir conducting : Mariana DELGADILLO
    - Jean de CHARDEVOINE : Une jeune fillette
    - Codex de las Huelgas : Ex illustrisima
    - Antonin DVOŘÁK : Zelenaj
    - Györgi LIGETI : Deux canons
    - Xavier de MONTSALVATGE : En un bosque de las indias
    - Henry PURCELL : We the spirits of the air
    - Giacinto SCELSI : Latin prayer

    WIC 1 / choir conducting : Mariana DELGADILLO & Anass ISMAT
    - Agustín FERNÁNDEZ : El afilador
    - Zoltán KODÁLY : Mountain nigth n°1
    - Arne MELLNÄS : Aglepta
    - Francis POULENC : Le hérisson
    - Sergueï RACHMANINOV : The Angel
    - Franz SCHUBERT : Coronach
    Si voix mixtes possibles :
    - Franklin ANAYA : Ulala Tikita
    - Adriano BANCHIERI : Contraponto bestiale alla mente
    - Clément JANEQUIN : Ce mois de Mai
    + 2 ou 3 autres pièces qui seront ajoutées en fonction de l’effectif définitif

    CHAMBER CHOIR / choir conducting : Anass ISMAT
    - Bela BARTÓK : Legenycsufolo et Bolyongas (extraits des 27 chœurs pour voix d'enfants)
    - Johannes BRAHMS : Die Berge sind spitz op.44 n°8
    - Gabriel FAURÉ : Le ruisseau
    - Ola GJEILO : Tundra
    - Alberto GRAU : La flor de la miel
    - Gustav HOLST : Hymn to the waters
    - Edward HENDERSON : Star Song
    - Morten LAURIDSEN : Sure on this shining night (+ Men choir)
    - Bruce SLED : Ice (+ Men choir)
    + 2 ou 3 autres pièces qui seront ajoutées en fonction de l’effectif définitif

    MEN CHOIR / choir conducting : Anass ISMAT
    Musical program to be defined after the registration.

    > Anass ISMAT & Mariana Delgadillo - choir conductors
    > Benjamin LUNETTA & Magali Perol Dumora - singing teachers / vocal technique
    > Juan Francisco VICENTE BECERRO & Catherine GARONNE - accompanists (piano)
    + the animation team for off-time music

    > tuesday 19 july 2016 / 7:00 pm
    > thursday 21 july 2016 / 9:00 pm
    > saturday 23 julyt 2016 / time TBC
    > sunday 24 july 2016 / 11:00 am

    DATES : from saturday 16 to sunday 24 July 2016
    (Arrival on 16.07 and departure on 24.07 in the afternoon)

    PRICES (cost includes a contribution to tuition fees and full board. Travel is at the participant's own expense) :
    > individual price / 1 young : 550€
    > individual price / 2 youngs from the same family : 490€
    > individual price / 3 youngs and more from the same family : 470€

    Centre la Salle
    Apartado 286
    46160 Llíria - Valencia (España)


    Registration is exclusively reserved for students in schools associated with the Federation International Willems® (join the FIW).


    For more information and to register, contact the secretariat of the International Federation Willems® by email ( Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. ) or by phone (+33 4 72 62 87 38).


    For Associated Schools : in order for your registration to be fully validated, you must :
    > be up to date with your membership fee for the 2015/2016 academic year
    > complete and return this registration form and the list of participants before 25 April
    > pay participant's registration fees by 15 May at the latest
    > send a photocopy of each particpant's ID card, health form and use of image authorization form by 15 June.